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Anti-Fog splash shield safety goggles surgical against liquid splash safety over glasses. Perfect for Eye Protection and a superior protective safety glass to protect the health of you and your family!


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Onkel.J is specializes in producing multiple tools. Our product lines and services have been constantly upgraded. Customization, drawings and samples are acceptable. We don`t just sell goods, we construct partnership. We provide customers with good service, get the trust of customers with a good reputation. No matter your order is large or small, we are able to provide you with the utmost services and 100% responsible for quality aftersale. Wholeheartedly to offer each of our customers the best products, looking forward to servicing your needs.


If you have a front door made of wood that needs restoration, you have to know that such door is always a great home’s curb appeal. That means that it is definitely worth it to restore it. The exposure to frost, snow, rain, wind and sunlight wears down your front door as the wood gets…


No matter what makes you tick, athletics, fishing or hunting, maybe you love plane diving, maybe you are a professional swimmer but woodworking can easily win anyone’s heart. Unique items made of wood or as we like to call them, the three dimensional wood carved items, have something special about them that makes people stand…

Work smarter, measure better

The angle izer is The Original Template Tool from Tools Shop. Save yourself time and effort by using the angle izer from Tools Shop! Perfect for both professionals and DIY-ers alike, this template tool utilizes four adjustable double-sided rulers to create a custom stencil for each job. Each arm is dual calibrated in inches and…