Aluminium Alloy Multi-functional Angle Finder Measuring Ruler with Perforated Mold angle template tool izer


Size: 17.5 * 8.3 * 1.8 cm

Net weight: 206 g

Packaging box size: 18 * 8.6 * 2 cm

Gross weight: 230 g

Packaging size:

Number of 39 * 25 * 48 cm per box: 100 boxes per box

Weight: 34.6 Kg

Material: Aluinum alloy

Color: or black customization

Surface treatment: anodic oxidation



Upgraded Aluminum Alloy 6-Sided Universal Angle Ruler with Plastic Tile Positioning Aperture,
Professional and Practical Construction Ruler for Carpentry, Bricklayer, Craftsmen, Handymen, Builders, DIY-ers etc.

Do you like to make your own wood products and enjoy it?

Are you looking for a professional and practical angle measuring ruler for your amateur?

Or you want to prepare a handy and practical gift for your friends or loved ones?

That is great! Our Multi Angle Measuring Ruler can meet your needs!!

Our Universal Angle Measuring Ruler is a handy personal and professional device for creating specialized shapes in tile, wood, brick and counter tops.

Six adjustable sides rulers can slide and lock into any position or angle as a customized stencil quickly and easily.

Whether you’re a professional builder, craftsman, weekend warrior or DIY eraser, this Angle Measuring Ruler is an essential template tool for any toolbox!

◆Premium Aluminum Alloy Material: Universal angle ruler be made of aluminum alloy, extremely strong and light;
aluminum metal is durability and resistant to scratch, corrode etc.

◆Laser etched number: Measuring ruler scales use Laser etched which make angle scales more clarited and accurate to be read data.

◆IN & CM Two measurement methods: Ruler scales are dual-calibrated in inches and metric measures.

◆Portable and Ergonomic: Unique tightening mechanism for one-handed operations.

◆High-efficiency: You can save more time because angle ruler can be set-up in seconds.

◆Wide Usage: Universal Angle Ruler can be set to mark bricks, tiles, lumber and laminates.
Perfect for builders, craftsmen, weekend warriors and DIY eraser.

Additional information

Weight 0.33 kg

>500, 1~99, 100~500