Newest Replaceable Needle Tile Leveler Adjuster Flat Construction Tools for Building Ceramics Floors Walls Reusable Tile Leveling System Kit(100 PCS)


Product Specification:

Product weight: 750g

Packaging size 8.3 * 4 * 3.6 inches

Material: PP + Stainless Steel

Quantity: 101PCS

Packing weight: about 600 grams

The package includes:

24 X Tile Level Instrument

25 Plugs

50 replaceable needles

1 special x nylon wrench

Category: SKU: 62094665550



1. Remove the straightener and adjust the T-pin

Distance 2. Insert T-pin along cut 1 and rotate it 180 degrees.

.3. Tighten the adjustment cap clockwise with a hand or a special wrench until the two tiles are on the same level.

.4. Tighten the adjusting cap and clamp the T-needle at the bottom of two bricks.5.

Within 6 hours after the laying time, or before the cement and tile binder is completely dried, rotate the cover backwards and take out the 180 degree taper needle until the word is removed.

Be careful:

It is recommended to leave a clearance of 1.5 mm or more.

Please follow the instructions!


Additional information

Weight 25.7 kg

>500, 1~99, 100~500